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Felicia also works as music producer and composer - creating music for brands, movies, and artists. Check out some of her works! Contact us for inquiries about her production services

'Ollie & Lillie' Game Soundtrack

A game following the journey of a visually impaired boy, Ollie, and stray cat, Lillie, in the town of Amsterdam. Felicia composed and produced the game main soundtrack and cut scene score

'Bear Hugs' Film Composition

A short film about a group of hurting teddy bears and other toys that talk about their traumatic experiences. Felicia composed and produced the whole soundtrack

'State of Grace' Film Composition

A film delving into the life of a 17-year-old, navigating through toxic relationships in her teenage years. Felicia was responsible for the film composition. 

Slattery Australia Introduction Video

Felicia composed and produced a light and bouncy background track for Slattery Australia's recruitment video

'Bidadari-Bidadari Sekar Langit' Theme Song

Felicia composed and produced an original song, 'Puisi dan Cinta Berpagut' as the official theme song of a newly released poetry anthology, 'Bidadari-Bidadari Sekar Langit'. Lyrics by Jaka Paksi

Felicia also produced and wrote all of her originals. See some demos below
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