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Music has always been a part of Felicia's journey. Starting with classical piano at the age of 5, she later explored music through singing, songwriting, and producing - mostly self-taught. Felicia believes music should have no boundary and takes her inspiration from various genres, ranging from R&B, Soul to Jazz and Gospel. Felicia is known for her bold yet emotive sound, combined with her honest and intimate songwriting style.

Felicia can be found performing live as a solo or in a band at various venues and events. She is sought-after for her Soul, R&B, and Jazz renditions of new and classic songs. As a strong vocalist and keyboardist, Felicia is suited for both intimate settings and a full-band party vibe. Check out her latest live videos here and the services offered here


Felicia has received several accolades for her original works. She recently won Fan Favourite Award at the National Songwriter Competition 2020 out of thousands of entries and got into the Semi finals of ListenUp National Songwriting Competition 2021. Felicia has just released her debut single 'Sign' which was featured at a few Spotify editorial playlists. 

Felicia is also known for rearranging and experimenting popular songs - recently in acapella format - as seen on her Instagram account (@felicialase). She also offers production and composition service. Stay tuned for more info!

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