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Felicia Lase is an award-winning solo musician and vocalist, known for her soulful vocals and unique re-arrangements. She brings fresh re-interpretations of soul, R&B, pop, and jazz classics - all set to enchant and entertain the audience. Made up of solo vocal/piano with capacity to expand to duo (with guitar or violin), Felicia is perfect for both intimate settings and parties. 

Felicia frequently performs at various weddings, events, corporates, as well as Melbourne's most iconic music venues including The Espy, Toff in Town, and Gaso. Mostly performing solo on keys, Felicia is also a vocalist in a jazz wedding/event Melbourne-based band. 

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Emanuela & Dylan

Wedding at Hazel

“Felicia was amazing! She definitely make our day memorable and bring it to the next level! It was so lovey and beautiful to have her singing thru our simple intimate dinner. We entrust most of the music choosing on her hand as well and all turn out fantastic! Will definitely recommend Felicia to our friends and family! Thank you Felicia for making our night more special and be part of our beautiful night! ❤️❤️❤️"




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